HAFNIUM targeting Exchange Servers with 0-day exploits

Microsoft is urging users of its on-premise Exchange Servers to quickly apply updates to prevent recently discovered 0-day exploits. At least 30,000 organizations across the United States, including a significant number of small businesses, non-profits and local governments, have been breached. On March 2, Microsoft released emergency security updates to plug four security holes in Exchange Server versions 2013-2019 that … Read More

Data Loss Can Happen at any Moment

A data loss event can happen at any moment. Small and Midsized Businesses (SMB) often struggle to place a value on their data or to quantify the cost of downtime associated with data loss The cause could be as innocent as an employee inadvertently deleting an important spreadsheet or something more malicious like ransomware. An automated and verifiable backup stored … Read More

No Compromising with Cloud

Cloud Services Concept

Businesses require secure solutions for data storage. An increasingly viable option is cloud hosted storage. Cloud computing eliminates several of the barriers associated with new technology. Both economical and effective, cloud systems feature: Low entry costs Automatic updates Minimal IT burden Scalability  Accessibility, Integration, and Protection Working from home has demonstrated the need for businesses to have “mobile” offices. Employees … Read More

StaffAlerter: A Flexible Staff Notification Service

Many organizations have the need to contact off duty personnel or contract workers in real time in the event of unexpected staffing changes. Depending on the requirements and the number of potential contacts a call tree may not be the most efficient means of contacting large groups in a short timeframe. StaffAlerter is capable of notifying groups of people via … Read More

Letter from The President

To our valued Customers: As a designated essential business during the Covid-19 pandemic, we remain open offering our full array of technology solutions and superior service, while adhering to best practice recommendations for preventing the spread of the Covid-19. We continue to provide remote support, on-site delivery and service as needed. Our staff is provisioned with gloves, masks and antiseptic … Read More

COVID-19 May Have You Working at Home

Microman COVID-19

This is the headline of an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal talking about the effect that the Coronavirus will have on employment and businesses. The central theme is that the primary method for effectively handling the effects of the Coronavirus will be “social separation”, meaning people will be asked to not congregate together to slow the spread of the … Read More

HALO Smart Sensor: A Simple Solution to Vape Detection and Air Quality Monitoring

Microman - A Technician installing a detector

According to the CDC, as of October 8, 2019, 1,299 lung injury cases associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping, have been reported, and twenty-six deaths have been confirmed in 21 states. * School and health officials are struggling with a sudden influx of easily concealed e-cigarette devices. Microman, in partnership with PM Power Products, provides an easy to implement and … Read More

Managed Services — It’s More Than A Remote Tech Connected To The Internet

When Microman decided to offer Managed Services in central Ohio, it was an outgrowth of delivering more than two decades of field service and then later, remote service via the internet. But our background clearly grew out of a long history of delivering high quality PC and network service which meant that over time we developed a strong staff of … Read More