StaffAlerter: A Flexible Staff Notification Service

Many organizations have the need to contact off duty personnel or contract workers in real time in the event of unexpected staffing changes. Depending on the requirements and the number of potential contacts a call tree may not be the most efficient means of contacting large groups in a short timeframe.

StaffAlerter is capable of notifying groups of people via SMS text, email and phone messaging (voice calls).  The flexibility of StaffAlerter allows for custom configurations to address the needs quickly and with a targeted message for the specific need.

StaffAlerter gives you the ability to build contact lists for specific requirements and needs. These groups can then be set up so that in the event you find yourself short staffed or require additional persons to work a specific shift or event, the team leader or other authorized person could access StaffAlerter, type or record the message they wish to send, and assign the message to the appropriate group to be notified.

Based on the individual’s profile, the notification will be sent to their email, text message and/or voice call where the message will be read to them. The phone number that delivers the message, if called back, will play the last message sent to the user. 

In this scenario, your staff or contract workers can be contacted quickly, efficiently and can contact the company to confirm their availability.

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