Cyberattack and Data Breach Emergency Services

During a cyberattack or data breach, time is of the essence. Microman offers on-demand incident response services to address and mitigate attacks or threats promptly. With our extensive expertise and cutting-edge tools, Microman is ready to support your small or medium-sized business during an incident or when immediate assistance is required. We offer both on-site and remote services.

Experiencing an active attack or data breach?

Contact Microman for Immediate Assistance
    • Planning call to establish communication preferences and confirm what (if any) remediation steps have already been taken.

    • Identify the scale and impact of the attack.

    • Mutually define a response plan. Start deploying tools.

    • Assess operating environment.

    • Identify known indicators of compromise or adversarial activity.

    • Perform data collection and initiate investigative activities.

    • Collaborate on plan for initiating response activities.

    • Remove the attackers’ access. Stop any further damage to assets or data.

    • Prevent any further exfiltration of data.

    • Recommend real-time preventative actions to address root cause.

    • Perform ongoing monitoring to detect recurrence.

    • Provide a post-incident threat summary.

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      Microman Cyber Attack Emergency Services

      A dedicated team of specialists equipped to rapidly halt advanced and active attacks and threats, providing organizations with an incident response service.
      Contact Microman for Immediate Assistance