HALO Smart Sensor: A Simple Solution to Vape Detection and Air Quality Monitoring

Microman - A Technician installing a detector

According to the CDC, as of October 8, 2019, 1,299 lung injury cases associated with e-cigarette use, or vaping, have been reported, and twenty-six deaths have been confirmed in 21 states. * School and health officials are struggling with a sudden influx of easily concealed e-cigarette devices. Microman, in partnership with PM Power Products, provides an easy to implement and … Read More

Managed Services — It’s More Than A Remote Tech Connected To The Internet

When Microman decided to offer Managed Services in central Ohio, it was an outgrowth of delivering more than two decades of field service and then later, remote service via the internet. But our background clearly grew out of a long history of delivering high quality PC and network service which meant that over time we developed a strong staff of … Read More