COVID-19 May Have You Working at Home

Microman COVID-19

This is the headline of an article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal talking about the effect that the Coronavirus will have on employment and businesses.

The central theme is that the primary method for effectively handling the effects of the Coronavirus will be “social separation”, meaning people will be asked to not congregate together to slow the spread of the virus. 

It is still too early to know how far the virus will spread and its full consequences on our businesses, but a prudent course of action is to prepare for it by determining how you can best maintain your operations during a potential period of increased local virus activity.

Microman can help you to prepare for future events that can impact your business by helping you conduct a Business Readiness Assessment to help you determine how to maintain employee productivity if a portion of your workforce needs to stay at home. It includes:

  • Enable secure remote access if none exists
  • Make sure your remote access method(s) are up to date, functioning and secure
  • Verify that your router and internet access is adequate for the volume of users you want to support
  • Enabling and testing access to your key business applications
  • Ensuring that procedures are in place for continuous and reliable backups are taking place
  • Provisioning the group productivity and phone conferencing tools that you need for teams to remain productive when working remotely
  • Considering remote network management so that your resources can be managed and serviced remotely