No Compromising with Cloud

Cloud Services Concept

Businesses require secure solutions for data storage. An increasingly viable option is cloud hosted storage. Cloud computing eliminates several of the barriers associated with new technology. Both economical and effective, cloud systems feature:

  • Low entry costs
  • Automatic updates
  • Minimal IT burden
  • Scalability 

Accessibility, Integration, and Protection

Working from home has demonstrated the need for businesses to have “mobile” offices. Employees need to access data from wherever they are. Cloud data storage makes this a reality. Whether working from the office, or at home, your workforce can access the data they need. A well-conceived cloud strategy integrates the tools you already use with new technology providing an affordable solution. The Cloud also prioritizes cyber security, protecting your data from malicious agents.

Why Cloud?

In addition to the points above, Cloud offers competitive advantages such as:

  • Flexible pricing: subscription-pricing models allow you to pay for just what you need and nothing more
  • Cost-effective infrastructure: Update your technology without significant investments in equipment, which also saves you money that is necessary to house and cool servers.
  • Efficiency: Cloud offers more effective management of licenses through on-demand software and timely, centralized updates, performed by qualified software engineers.
  • Data Security: Cloud services provide 24/7 disaster recovery and more consistent security compliance than standalone systems can realistically provide.

Cloud streamlines daily business processes, making your organization more efficient. It is designed to improve workplace flow and communication across barriers. 

Microman’s Role

Microman believes that when so much in the world is complicated and stressful, your technology should not be. It should enable you to communicate, collaborate, and excel as a business. With over thirty years’ experience, Microman is equipped with the knowledge necessary to transition your business to the cloud. We bring both product and industry expertise to the table and we’re dedicated to helping you best evaluate, select, and deploy new technology solutions.  Working with a managed service provider like Microman also provides benefits like:

  • Helping you stay focused on your core business by managing complex IT issues
  • Reducing risks by providing expertise around compliance, security and industry best practices
  • Increasing efficiency because you have immediate access to expert level support to resolve your technical problems.

Ultimately, Microman is motivated to find a solution that best suits your company’s unique needs. By allowing us to handle the infrastructure, you can get back to business’ projects, core competencies, and strategies. We are dedicated to doing this in a way that makes the most sense to your needs and is economic. We are often able to achieve a lower cost point than a business can achieve internally.

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