Data Loss Can Happen at any Moment

A data loss event can happen at any moment. Small and Midsized Businesses (SMB) often struggle to place a value on their data or to quantify the cost of downtime associated with data loss The cause could be as innocent as an employee inadvertently deleting an important spreadsheet or something more malicious like ransomware. An automated and verifiable backup stored securely off-site is your best defense. 

Using a Cloud backup solution, sometimes referred to as Backup as a Service (BaaS), is an efficient way to protect valuable data. A cloud backup solution is a service that provides a complete system for backup, online storage and recovery of critical systems and data. Here are a few reasons BaaS is a smart decision for SMB. 


Backup as a Service ensures access to the latest software tools to protect your data. A cloud provider tracks the reliability of backups and provides additional management features for monitoring, including reports and notifications. Some solutions will include advanced threat protection against malware. In the event of a problem expert support is available as part of an ongoing subscription. 


In a cloud storage environment, backup capacity can grow to meet the expanding needs of a business. Recovery points and retention polices can be managed to provide an appropriate level of protection with the additional benefit of only consuming the capacity that is required, lowering the total expense. Scalable data storage is a primary advantage of a cloud strategy allowing your storage to grow with your company. 


Cloud backup providers offer advanced features and options to extend the utility of your backup including business continuity, bare metal restore, archiving, on premise retention, and much more. The backup can be adapted to fit the current business requirements without the expense of a wholesale replacement. 


When backing up data to the cloud, security should be a consideration. An obvious advantage of a cloud backup is offsite isolation of the data. This protects against many types of data loss including natural disasters. BaaS vendors are committed to meeting the security and compliance requirements and invest millions of dollars in secure data centers. The latest data encryption is leveraged to protect your data before, during and after transfer. File storage in a reliable cloud service is among the most secure data you can have. 

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