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Cybersecurity is a high priority for IT professionals 

Awareness is growing among small and medium businesses of the need to take proactive cybersecurity measures to protect valuable digital assets. This is especially true in the context of the rising numbers of well-publicized ransomware and phishing attacks.    

As a managed services provider, we are active participants in the day-to-day war on cybercrime. We listen to our small-medium business clients to constantly assess and address unique security threats and challenges. The goal is to implement robust, secure, and affordable cybersecurity solutions with the level of protection our clients need. Whatever IT issues you’re facing, we’ve probably seen them before. Get in touch with one of our experts today and let’s find out if we can help.

We’ve been protecting our Central Ohio customers’ computer networks, users, and sensitive business information for over 30 years. Our diverse client base includes law firms, health care providers, long-term care facilities, construction companies, real estate firms, and more.

So how can small business owners and managers deploy the cybersecurity framework and infrastructure that solves your unique business IT challenges?  Effective information technology security solutions start with resourceful minds and end with ongoing assertive threat management. 

The importance of best-in-class software tools as the front line of a small business cybersecurity framework 

Cyber Hawk is an exceptional foundational tool in a managed security environment that monitors your internal software suite. 

Our most asked questions, answered. 

  • What is Cyber Hawk and why does your business need it?
  • What are the primary business benefits? 
  • How can you deploy Cyber Hawk as part of a robust cybersecurity fortress? 

At Microman, we bring the best products, software tools, and services to bear when we provide IT services to our business clients. And we research those products meticulously. Cyber Hawk is one of those tools.

What is CyberHawk and why does your business need it?

There are essentially two cyber threat perimeters for businesses to be concerned with; one is external, and the other is internal. The two are sometimes hard to distinguish, but your external perimeter is generally your network’s external, or internet-facing, component—i.e. your routers, hubs, switches, internet cable modems, etc. 

Always look at the term “security perimeter” in the abstract though, and not as any sort of physical line of demarcation.  

The external perimeter is where cyber threat protection comes from firewalls, DMZ’s, whitelists, antivirus software, etc. Perimeter security is subject all its own, and we will discuss it in greater detail in subsequent posts. But for now, let’s focus on internal threats.

According to the experts over at RapidFire Tools, a Kaseya subsidiary company, internal threats account for over 70% of successful cyber-attacks. These are threats that would not have been stopped by perimeter security measures.

Internal threats are very serious. They consist of system vulnerabilities like:

  • User access and administrative permissions
  • Application access vulnerabilities (A/D, etc.)
  • Identity and access management
  • OS and patch management inefficiencies
  • Anti-virus inefficiencies
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Web applications

Cyber Hawk combines machine learning and assertive, intelligent monitoring to identify anomalous activity, suspicious changes, and threats caused by misconfigurations. It also provides a double-check into the efficacy of your software license management and patching policies. 

In a nutshell, Cyber Hawk is one of the primary internal security perimeter management tools that we use to protect our customers’ businesses from cyber threats.

What are the business benefits of internal cybersecurity protection? 

The primary benefit of a well-designed and implemented security infrastructure is peace of mind. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your critical business information and assets are protected from internal and external cyber threats. 

That kind of confidence comes from knowing you have the right security management framework in place and that it’s being monitored 24X7 by professionals who understand your business. Cyber Hawk is one very important piece of that puzzle.  

How can you deploy Cyber Hawk as part of a robust cybersecurity fortress? 

Great software tools are important, but they are only part of a comprehensive solution. Great tools only work as expected when implemented by an expert. Cybersecurity expertise, tools, and management can also be very expensive to leverage, and difficult to source.     

That’s why Microman provides managed cybersecurity as a service. We have the right expertise, partnerships, experience, and infrastructure in place to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our security solutions integrate years of experience, software tools, like Cyber Hawk, internal and external threat monitoring tools, and management infrastructure.   

We understand your potential vulnerabilities. Mobile devices, cloud, web applications, IoT, etc., all of these tools are necessary to survive in today’s competitive business world. They are also potential security vulnerabilities.    

At Microman, we focus on providing managed IT security services for small businesses just like yours. We understand the threats you face in a technology world infested with cybercrime.

Let us help you take back control of your security infrastructure and your business-critical information.

Right now, we’re offering a free cybersecurity assessment with no obligation and no cost to you. That’s right, no obligation. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 

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