Providing real time monitoring and management of your IoT devices in all types of medical facilities.




Send important notifications through real-time alerts.

Protect Your Patients, Staff and Visitors

Establishing a solid communication plan is key to successful patient care. Prioritize your patients, staff, and visitors in your health care facility with StaffAlerter.

StaffAlerter leverages the latest IoT technology, cloud processing, and advanced communication services to assure your messages will be delivered regardless of the condition of facility power or network infrastructure.

Designed To Leverage Communications

Departmental Notifications

Departmental Notifications

Notify groups of people via SMS text, email or voice calls with custom configurations to address unique daily communication challenges.

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Only system designed with three layers of physical control, remote web activation and cloud-based alerting

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StaffAlerter PropStop alerts the appropriate personnel via SMS, email, or calls through a Wi-Fi-connected, battery-powered device that mounts to any door.

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Equipment Monitoring

Monitors environmental conditions, including medical refrigeration equipment, facility security, IT equipment control, and access control.

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Versatile Inputs

Incorporate inputs from fixed and wireless panic buttons, NOOAA Weather alerts, access control integration, Web buttons on PC's and mobile devices.

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Scheduling Assistance

Allows notifications and callouts for shift staffing and emergency staffing requirements readily available through automated call trees.

StaffAlerter is the Choice Solution for Medical Facility Monitoring and Notification

Notifications Via

  • SMS text messaging

  • Email

  • Phone message

  • Cell phone notification

Top Monitoring and Control Functions

  • Fixed and mobile panic buttons

  • Building wide alerts via paging

  • Access control

  • Weather alerts

  • Desktop, visual and audio alerts

Designed to work with premise and cloud based control using WiFi and Cellular Access

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About PM Power Products

StaffAlerter is an innovative mass alerting solution made by PM Power Products. PM Power Products is a developer and manufacturer of a full range of telephony, power and data products based in Dublin, Ohio. PM Power Product’s exclusive U.S. distributor is Presence Management, which is also North America’s largest distributor of Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS Telephony products.