Managed Services — It’s More Than A Remote Tech Connected To The Internet

When Microman decided to offer Managed Services in central Ohio, it was an outgrowth of delivering more than two decades of field service and then later, remote service via the internet. But our background clearly grew out of a long history of delivering high quality PC and network service which meant that over time we developed a strong staff of field engineers covering a diverse set of skills, as well as filling key positions of experience that include a director of services and a service dispatcher to manage our efforts.

Today, clients more than ever are looking to cut costs, yet maintain the high level of service they expected from in-house technical resources. Managed Services have held out the hope of giving them everything they want: lower costs, responsive service and the ability to scale up and down as their fortunes change. However, there is just one big wrinkle: many companies have rushed into the business hoping to make a buck with little more than a PC and an internet connection. The marketing can look good, but Managed Services mean nothing unless there is a quality and trained team to back it up.

Microman’s extensive experience covers PC, network and server sales and repair, backup (both local and Cloud), antivirus, anti-spam, firewalls, remote computing, switching, routing, IP telephony, and just about every facet of connectivity in the PC world. For clients who want IT guidance as part of the relationship we provide CIO / CTO services that consist of reviewing and consulting with clients on the key aspects of their business applications and infrastructure. From Microsoft Windows Server to their other Application Servers (such as SQL, SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange), our wide-ranging expertise allows clients to get a sense of the “big picture” that should be driving their IT decisions.

Many clients engage us today to handle other complex decisions, such as when to move applications to the Cloud in order to simplify maintenance and support and to lower costs. Equally important is deciding how to best virtualize locally hosted applications to improve support and lower costs. Microman helps clients maneuver the numerous and complex opportunities for configuring their business environments in a way that optimizes the benefits and minimizes the expense.

That’s why Microman’s Managed Services bring more to the table with our Managed Service offering. We started off by selecting one of the top names in managed service software as the backbone of the electronic portion of our offering. Its versatile server and desktop agents monitor the health statistics of managed servers and desktops in realtime. But on the backend is where the delivery process must take shape — and for us, that means experienced staff running the monitoring console that are ready to respond to anything that goes wrong quickly and effectively.

Again, the distinction with Microman service reaches into further key facets of a well-prepared service organization: we have a team of field engineers ready to be dispatched with access to over $ 1.5 million in inventory of spare servers, desktops, network gear, components and peripherals to effect rapid service. Without the field arm backed with spare inventory, a Managed Service organization can delivery only half of the critical equation. They can manipulate the software on a host or a pc if it is up and running, but if there is a hardware problem and they can’t get there quickly, the client faces extended downtime. The well prepared and competent organization has considerable resources ready to deploy and this is the essence of Microman’s Managed Services and that translates into strong value for our clients.

Based in Dublin, Ohio, Microman has thousands of clients throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Founded in 1987, Microman is celebrating its 25th year in business with an exceptional commitment to its clients.