"With terrorist attacks and other shooting incidents becoming commonplace, the need to quickly notify large groups of people regarding dangerous situations seems to have never been greater. While many of the solutions on the market are targeted at governments or large police departments, the emergency notification system on a budget market has been neglected.

Enter StaffAlerter, the infinitely flexible solution which combines the power of IoT-like sensors with IFTTT real-world flexibility. By this we mean that the system can be easily programmed to sense an emergency button being activated in the freezer and then proceed to unlock the freezer door."

Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC

  • Suspicious persons
  • Bomb threats
  • Active shooters
  • School bus route delays
  • Severe weather warnings
  • Industrial accidents
  • Hazardous materials events
  • Critical function alerts

  • Any activity or event that requires immediate reporting