Telephony and Data Solutions

Since its inception, Microman Telephony and Data Solutions (TDS) has strived to provide the best in communications architecture to our customers through innovative design, solid engineering and the use of the latest technology. We are a pioneer in IP Telephony systems and matching them with the most cost-effective telco services to deliver strong cost savings and new business functionality. From small business systems to enterprise phone systems and call centers, we can meet every need. We have helped businesses to take advantage of the revolution in remote office computing. Our systems, whether for a commercial business, school or government customer reflects the best in cost-effective solutions and the highest reliability offered in the industry.

Microman TDS is the premier reseller of IP phone systems from LG-Ericsson in the U.S

Why LG Ericsson

With more than 20 years of experience in voice communications technology, LG-Ericsson has learned how complex voice features should be implemented and more importantly understand how features are most effectively used. The development of the IPECS Platform has spanned 10 years with LG-Ericsson’s world class engineering teams developing a truly unique solution for business communication.

LG Ericsson iPECS LIK

The LIK is a natively VoIP system for businesses needing flexibility, uptime, and features. The LIK features a fully distributed architecture allowing components to be installed anywhere in the world yet managed from a single point. Based on the transparent infrastructure, LIK also supports system redundancy, local survivability and scalability.

LG Ericsson ipLDK-60

The LG-Ericsson ipLDK-60 combines an innovative and flexible digital architecture with upgradability to the latest VoIP technology. This “best of both worlds” approach offers businesses the classic digital technology they know and love without sacrificing the ability for next-generation IP telecommunications

LG Ericsson SBG-1000

The SBG-1000 is a converged communication platform tailored for small businesses integrating IP telephony, data networking, wireless, security and IT needs in a single processor. IP telephony and broadband Internet services are easily and securely delivered over a broadband IP line from the service provider and connected to the iPECS SBG-1000 for delivery to the end-user.